United Kingdom

Social Innovation Incubation (SII) Followup Research Project (Seismic UK)

What: As a result of the latest UK national and transnational Seismic activities on Social Innovation and public space, the UK Seismic partner (CSES) has developed the idea of carrying out a follow-up research project to undertake a comparative analysis of the relative strengths of incubation and shared workspace models across Europe that promote social innovation and social enterprise, helping such undertakings to develop more quickly and successfully than would be the case without support.

Why: The research project intends to identify strengths in transnational collaborations between Seismic participants and further encourage knowledge sharing and mutual learning among participants. The findings and research results will contribute to the overall Seismic objective of informing national and EU policy and research agendas on the latest social innovation needs.

When: The research will take place as part of Seismic transnational activities and will be conducted over 4 months starting in January 2016. The research team will first meet on 19th January 2016 to define the research tools and approach.

If you wish to find out more about this please contact the UK Seismic National Coordinator Elena Guidorzi at eguidorzi@cses.co.uk