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Project aims

SEiSMiC is a project that helps tackle European's biggest urban problems through citizen engagement, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. It builds diverse networks of urban stakeholders to propose effective, widely agreed solutions. It then engages the public in creative ways, so that research learns from citizens, and citizens learn from research.

SEiSMiC will set up national networks in 10 European countries with the aim of engaging society in urban research. These networks will include civil society organisations, media, schools and universities, scientific academies, museums, science centres, research-funding organisations, industries, businesses and policy makers. Bringing these networks together for a structured dialogue will build a bridge between the scientific community and society.

SEiSMiC (Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual learning in Cities) is a support action funded by the European Commission under its Science in Society Programme. It contributes a social dimension to the EC's Strategic Research & Innovation Agenda and supports the Joint Programming Initiative JPI Urban Europe. Established in 2010 by several EU member states and associated countries, JPI Urban Europe seeks to coordinate and strengthen urban research and innovation across Europe.

SEiSMiC is one of two FP7-funded actions (the other called BOOST) that will support JPI Europe over the next three years, from November 2013 to November 2016. SEiSMiC's focus is mobilization and mutual learning and the involvement of civil society and identifying social innovation needs in urban development across Europe.

SEiSMiC is carried out by 13 partners, with coordination handled by two, the Austrian Institute of Technology in Vienna and Platform 31 in The Hague. The project will involve network building in 10 countries: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom.