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July 14, 2014

Italy inaugural workshop held in Rome

Italy inaugural workshop held in Rome

In the eternal city of Rome, a group of planners, activists and others are gathering this week to see where urban civilisation is headed.

The Italian inaugural workshop of the Seismic project opened July 14 at the Città dell'Altra Economia, launching activities of the national network of the Seismic project.

The meeting will identify the priority challenges in urban development from now til 2050, and how these problems can be tackled through social innovation.

The workshop picks up on earlier Seismic focus group meetings in Naples, Bologna and Rome, and lays the ground for national network action during the Seismic’s next two years.
The meeting is organised by Cittalia, the organisation implementing Seismic in Italy. As in other national inaugural workshops, it will feature a “sketch” activity in which participants and members of the public will be invited to reimagine their cities with the help of sketch artists.

The resulting drawings will constitute a collage of urban hopes and criticisms from diverse points of view. They will be posted on this website, under Arthur’s blog.