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SEiSMiC Ends with a Fresh Start
seismic activity
December 14, 2016
After three years the SEiSMiC project has come to an end...
Urbanism curricula trialled in Belarus
seismic activity
August 26, 2016
SEiSMiC is a step closer to releasing a new teachers...
Street art contest opens
seismic activity
June 9, 2016
The SEiSMiC project, together with the collaborative...
Refugees and New Economy Top Agenda
seismic activity
June 6, 2016
Social workers, entrepreneurs and urbanists of various...
Roma Women's Groups Showcased in Czech NaNet
seismic activity
March 21, 2016
SEiSMiC has taken up an important discussion on...
Residents Steer Housing Block Renovation
seismic activity
March 21, 2016
One of the key questions raised at NaNet discussions in...