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Refugees and the digital divide
urban research
December 3, 2015
As reported around the SEiSMiC network (e.g. in Sweden...
The dark side of social innovation
urban research
December 2, 2015
Following November's SEiSMiC Forum on "New Urban Space",...
Urban Research Agenda Unveiled
urban research
September 25, 2015
JPI Urban Europe, an international initiative that pools...
Research Needed on Local Social Innovation
urban research
September 24, 2015
Although society expects a lot from social innovation, it...
EU-China Research Call in the Cards
urban research
July 1, 2015
JPI Urban Europe has rekindled efforts to partner with...
City governance obsolete, research says
urban research
July 1, 2015
At the first Seismic Forum (April 2015), representatives...