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NaNet and urban issue results from Brussels
seismic activity
December 12, 2014
Two important products of the 24-25 November Seismic...
Online networking platforms launched
seismic activity
December 4, 2014
  At SEiSMiC's recent international launch in Brussels,...
SEiSMiC launch kicks off 10-country project
seismic activity
November 28, 2014
The SEiSMiC project wrapped up a four-day international...
Gender Action Plan to guide SEiSMiC work
seismic activity
October 29, 2014
As Seismic’s 10 national networks embark on two years of...
Guide explains EU support for cities, social innovation
seismic activity
October 10, 2014
With increasing attention to the key role that social...
Austrians launch SEiSMiC network
seismic activity
September 29, 2014
A two-day event featuring international experts on social...