Česká republika

SEiSMiC - Czech National Network Workshop (Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities)

Prague, January 16, 2015

At the Czech National Network Workshop in Prague outcomes of the SEiSMiC Launch Event in Brussels were presented and evaluated, including future prospects and many topics were discussed. The issue of Social Value was presented by Marie Dohnalová and Jaroslava Hrabetová. Social Value is a topic of great current interest in the Czech Republic. At a meeting in Brussels, a wide range of contacts related to Social Value were established including research centers, universities, non-governmental organizations, social workers, representatives of European institutions etc. The Prague workshop participants were also informed about the creation of the EU SEiSMiC Social Value Group. The EU SEiSMiC Social Value Group would welcome support within the following categories:

1. Conferences (a Social Value 1-day conference in every SEiSMiC country and also the additional JPI Urban European countries; first one in London in March 2015 - submissions of papers for each conference are welcomed).

2. Communications in Social Value (Journal of Social Value, Newsletter/Online platform, Editorial Board and Advisory Board; support within all these areas would be valued).

3. Partnership Programme (take part in other EU and non-EU programmes and forming a relationship with commercial organisations and co-operative research between universities).

Importance of cooperation of any form between all eventually intersted persons - not only academics and research centres - was also mentioned at the workshop. The Czech Republic is looking forward to working together with the SEiSMiC member countries on Social Value projects.

Jaroslava Hrabetová
Department of Civil Society Studies, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague