Česká republika

Report on Workshop in Prague

Date: May 30, from 9 am to 6 pm.

Location: Aula, Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Humanities, Prague 5-Jinonice, U Krize 8

Doris Wilhelmer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Vienna
Nathalie Guri, EUROCITIES, Brussels
Marek Skovajsa, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague

Roman Haken, Center for Community Work in the Czech Republic

Rosa Boon and Lucas De Man, Company New Heroes, Amsterdam

Project investigators:
Marie Dohnalová, Selma Muhič Dizdarevič, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University Prague

Number of participants: 45

Structure of participants: 19 women, 26 men; 22 from Prague, 23 from different cities of various sizes from Bohemia and Moravia. Age and social diversity.

Information about JIP Urban Europe and Czech experience with community-led local development.

The main attention was devoted to the project SEiSMiC. The participants were informed about the outputs from focus groups, about the starting point, history and architecture of the project.

The program was mainly organized as group discussions.

The discussed topics:

  • What are the most important issues in the cities? What opportunities and threats I see in our city?
  • How I would like personally contribute through NaNet to overcome these threats?


Imagine that in 2050 will be your city a sustainable city with a high quality of life.

  • What is the quality of life around you?
  • What social innovations enabled this high quality of life?
  • What are the key protagonists and groups that helped in successful implementation of activities and projects, which led to the high quality of life?


The main aim of the changes is social innovation, which fills the social needs, is effective and improves the ability of society to act from an idea to the application. Various sectors of society must participate in this social innovation. SEiSMiC connects social innovation with people.

The participants considered which aims, in various areas, should be achieved during the life of the project. Questions such as: which activities, initiatives, projects or measures would help bring this about, were taken into account, as well as their own, personal role, in these activities. The result was the proposal that theme groups be created, each comprised of people with ideas for change and with an interest in contributing to the realization of social innovations.

The initial workshop ‘NaNet‘ formed the basis for activities leading to the fulfilment of the broadest spectrum of citizens’ visions and ideas.

Presentations from the workshop shall be uploaded on the Department of Civil Sector Studies, website: www.fhs.cuni.cz/kos.

Artists from the firm Company New Heroes organized their own ‚workshop’ SKETCH, within the Framework of the initial workshop. There, the participants spoke about their thoughts on the ‚town of the future‘. They drew their answers and at the end of the day, they exhibited the gallery of drawings was fantastic! The pictures are displayed on the Arthur's blog website.